Mesolcina - San Vittore & Grotti of Cama

Mesolcina – San Vittore & Grotti of Cama

In San Vittore we visit the Moesano Museum which illustrates the rural life of our ancestors. A section is dedicated to archeology, as well as a permanent exhibition on “Moesani Masters”: artists such as architects, stucco masons, and bricklayers who wrote an important chapter of our history. The Collegiate Church, dedicated to the Saints John and Victor, is home to a Carolingian treasure. In Cama, take a pleasant walk through the heart of the 46 private grottos, typical structures of Ticino, with a very interesting history: stone constructions built under a rock or among the boulders which served as a family refrigerator by taking advantage of the cool ground air, which was in contact with the underground water currents.