UNESCO – The Fossils of Monte San Giorgio

Monte San Giorgio is the single best evidence of marine life from the Triassic period, 245-200 million years ago, but also reveals important remains of life on land. The fossils found in the mountain slopes are exceptionally complete and well preserved. For these reasons, Monte San Giorgio represents the main point of reference for future discoveries of Triassic marine fossils around the world. A short walk leads to a very charming spot where past excavation research was carried out. This spot is ideal for understanding the geology and therefore the million-year history of the Monte, how fossils are formed, and the process of finding fossils. You will understand what triggered the search for fossils in this small area. A visit to the Fossil Museum shows the extraordinary variety of marine reptiles and fish on exhibit, completing the fascinating history. The tour will be led by an official guide, trained and specialized at Monte San Giorgio.

Duration of the visit: maximum 4 hours.


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