A selection of our most popular tours in Ticino, Bellinzona, Locarno, Lugano and alpine valleys. In most cases, they take place in the historic center of our towns and villages. In other cases, the tours are aimed specifically to churches or historic monuments. Each tour can be personalized for private groups, in order to satisfy specific requests.

Some guided tours venture into the territories of Bellinzona, Lugano, Locarno, Mendrisio e Mesolcina. They involve easy walks as well as real excursions on foot, on various types of terrain, which range from gravel road to well-maintained hiking trails, at times steep and/or rocky. These tours may require suitable clothing. Your guide will provide additional information.

Upon request, we can organize tours focused on specific themes. Some with a historic, cultural, or aeno-gastronomic aspect, others for families. Each tour can be adapted to specific requests and they may require appropriate clothing. Your guide will advise you on the matter.