Vallemaggia – A Force of Nature

On both Swiss and European levels, the Vallemaggia valley floor is the only low-altitude trunk valley of great expanse that has remained largely unchanged over time, particularly its fluvial elements. It therefore makes for a rare, exemplary, and majestic natural landscape and a fascinating area where the water dynamics create diverse naturalistic areas, which add particular interest to the landscape, the natural surroundings and thereby leisure activities. In just 15 km there are more than 600 species of plants, which is roughly equal to one-quarter of Swiss flora. At the Cantine di Maggia, we walk back up the mountainside to the Chapel of Pioda housing the most ancient frescoes in the valley. From here, we will enjoy a breathtaking view of the snaking Maggia River. We will then follow the river bank up to Lodano and Moghegno where we visit the uniquely constructed ancient granaries.